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Now Write! Panel: Capturing Your Dreams – How to Craft a Bestselling Fantasy Novel

GLAWS Special Speaker panel Sat. Sept 17, 2016 Contributors to Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror will discuss craft in a way that goes beyond the usual writers’ panel.  Our panelists will speak candidly about their own writing and share their favorite tools.  Be inspired by Kim Dower’s encouragement to capture material from you dreams, learn Michelle Newman’s secrets on • Read More »

Comic-Con 2015 with The Winner Twins and David Brin

Comic-Con is a trip! I first attended Comic-Con 2 years ago to link up with Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror contributors: Michael Dillon Scott was on a wonderful panel about writing fantasy, the Winner Twins have their own booth and each contributed their own exercise.  That’s where I also met Ben Thompson who contributed the wonderful piece, “Diabolic • Read More »