Comiccon 2016, San Diego, CA

IMG_1807 -pano hall w transformersAt ComicCon 2016, everyone young and old looks adorable and like they’re having a wonderful time.

IMG_1672-dan in front of Comiccon as Mad Max -sm
IMG_1773-above the lobby
IMG_1708-Comiccon people
IMG_1851-hottie monsters
IMG_1710 (1)fluffy pink lady
IMG_1762-renaissance couple
IMG_1765-stormtrooper couple
IMG_1717-Arizona cons guy
IMG_1711-an Xmen guy
IMG_1713-Fred Flintstone sm
IMG_1714-Dan and Tony Stark

IMG_1731-child stormtrooperIt’s truly a beautiful sight: all ages and races enjoying themselves together with a warm community feeling and an explosion of creativity that remind me of Burning Man (without all the debauchery!)  If only people could feel free to be this creative and friendly all the time it seems to me this could be a much happier, more harmonious world.

One memorable sight was a little tiny stormtrooper with a blond ponytail hanging out of the back of her helmet, holding her mommy’s hand.  Wasn’t fast enough for a picture, but did catch this little guy.

IMG_1719-now write at comiccon
Now Write! was placed front and center on the freebie table.
IMG_1720-spike of spike and mike
Spike of Spike and Mike’s infamous Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation